CounterSpace Garage Sponsorship Program 2019

1st Place 2nd place 3rd place
Vehicle has 1 CSG product $10 $5
Vehicle has 2 CSG products $15 $10 $5
Vehicle has 3 CSG products $20 $15 $10


  • Must run 2x (two) 10” (or larger) CSG decals in visible areas with contrasting colors on the

    outside of the vehicle. One sticker must be present on each side of the vehicle.

  • Submit photo(s) of vehicle showing CSG product(s) and decals + results after every event with

    subject line – “<Series> – Round ‘X’ – Class – Name – Result”

    e.g. RM86CUP – Round 2 – Stock class – David Leung – 3rd Place

    To contingency@counterspacegarage.com. Email must be submitted within 7 days of the event.

  • Class must have at least 5 eligible participants throughout the calendar year to be valid for

    contingency winnings.

  • CSG decals may be removed after the event, but they must be present on the vehicle for the

    duration of each event.

  • Product inquiries and sponsorship/contingency program can only be processed through

    CounterSpace Garage.

  • By participating in the CSG Contingency program, participants are agree to allow CSG to use

    submitted results and photos in CSG’s marketing campaigns. Participants acknowledge that the

    participant owns usage rights to any photos submitted, and authorize CSG to re‐publish

    submitted photos.

    • If a participant is has other sponsors and/or logos and/or companies they’d like for CSG

      to publish with these photos, please note in the contingency claim emails!



  • Contingency program dollars are applied toward product MSRP.

  • Full value of contingency prizes are applied toward CSG products. Contingency dollars may also

    be applied toward any other product(s) offered by CSG at 50% value, e.g. $100 in contingency

  • winnings may be applied as $100 toward any CSG product, or $50 toward any other product

    offered by CounterSpace Garage.

  • Shipping is via UPS, and is free on ALL purchases made with Contingency winnings. Although

    winners are allowed to make individual claims, CSG asks that orders be combined when possible

    to help keep shipping costs down!

  • 2019 Contingency dollars must be claimed by March 31, 2020, or be forfeit.

    **One contingency prize per class per day, as reported on official results. Drivers may win multiple

    prizes per day, provided vehicles are eligible in each class/event competed. There is no limit on the

    number of classes a driver or vehicle can run, as long as the result is reflected in the official published


    ** There is no limit on how many dollars may be won by any one participant.


Qualifying Products

  • Coilovers (SRC, Flex A aka FLA)

  • Lug nuts

  • Catback exhaust (Touring86)

  • Brake pads (one or both axles on CSG brake pads counts as one product)