GT Radial USA is supporting Rocky Mountain 86CUP in 2019 with a Tire Contingency Program for drivers competing with GT Radial Champiro SX2 (260 UTQG):

See GT Radial 86CUP contingency programs in 2019.

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Race Engineering

Sarian Motorsports provides performance and race driving instruction along with professional coaching. Owner, Chris Sarian, has raced at the amateur and professional level for over fifteen years and is the Chief Driving Instructor at High Plains Raceway. The team offers complete car builds and at track support for your 86CUP vehicle.


Race Engineering

With extensive motorsports experience, SCR Performance sought to bring lessons learned from the racetrack to improve the experience of customers on the street.

In addition to a complete line of motorsports services, SCR offers street performance tuning, as well as quality service and maintenance, performed with precision and care. Contact them for your 86CUP needs today.

Racing Gear

Wine Country Motor Sports is known for having the largest combined inventory and lowest prices on quality brands like: Sparco, OMP, Alpinestars, Stilo, Bell, Arai, Puma, Cobra, HJC, AIM, Zamp, Roux, and many more. We are racing enthusiasts who pride ourselves on helping our clients make the right gear choices for their specific needs. Contact Wine Country Motor Sports for 86CUP pricing.


CounterSpace Garage offers performance parts and consulting for high performance tuning, club/pro racing, and time attack.

See CounterSpace Garage contingency programs in 2019.


TrackDecals provides 86CUP participants with a simple, cost-effective solution for car numbers and class letters. They use only the best quality vinyl and magnets to ensure they last for years.

Click here to get your 86CUP Numbers and take a look at their NASA magnets as well.

Tire Trailers

Many autocross and track day drivers are faced with the challenge of transporting their race tires from home to the track. Often people are compelled to bring an extra vehicle to haul their tires, or to build a trailer themselves. Faced with this predicament, we decided to design a trailer that not only is functional but aesthetically pleasing, a trailer that these drivers can use to carry their wheels and equipment to the track. Meet the Leroy Engineering Tire Trailer, the perfect autocross trailer, track day trailer, and Drag Week trailer.

This is the beginning of a new racing class in the region. As such, we are adding and seeking more sponsors all the time.

If you’d like to sponsor Rocky Mountain 86Cup, please contact us.